AT-6 Wolverine

Light Attack

World Class Light Attack and Armed Reconnaissance with a Proven Heritage.

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Proven Performance with Precision Power

Brought to you by the same company that delivered the U.S. Air Force T-6A and U.S. Navy T-6B, the Beechcraft® AT-6 Wolverine is a multi-mission aircraft system designed to meet a wide variety of warfighter needs and accommodating 95 percent of the aircrew population.

World-class Lockheed Martin A-10C mission computer with CMC Esterline glass cockpit and flight management systems command the AT-6 Wolverine.

The AT-6 provides the most powerful allied-compatible ISR and targeting suite available with an L3 Wescam MX-15D multi-sensor suite, which provides color and IR cameras, laser designator, laser illuminator and laser rangefinder.

AT-6 Wolverine Brochure

  • State-of-the-Art Weapons Integration

    The AT-6 Wolverine employs a broad range of weapons that no other light attack aircraft can match. It has demonstrated light attack capabilities and full compatibility with U.S. and NATO Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) systems.

  • Weapons Configurations

    Capable of operating with a staggering array of weapons and external fuel carriage configurations, the AT-6 Wolverine gives the warfighter what they need when they need it, including the flexibility to tailor weapons configurations. In addition, the AT-6 Wolverine was the first fixed-wing aircraft to employ 2.75” laser-guided rockets successfully.

  • Precision and Airspeed

    The AT-6 Wolverine has a higher airspeed and Mach envelope for carriage and employment of external systems than other light attack aircraft. Its seven hardpoints allow the AT-6 Wolverine more than 13 general purpose and precision munitions to meet the demanding requirements of close air support and light attack missions.

  • More Versatile

    The AT-6 Wolverine can accommodate more than 66 standard load configurations as well as its non-standard asymmetric configurations, which provides the most versatile mission readiness in its class.

  • Stores Capability

    • HMP-400 .50 caliber guns
    • Practice bombs
    • MK-81 (250 lb.) general purpose bomb
    • MK-82 (500 lb.) general purpose bomb
    • GBU-12 (500 lb.) Paveway II laser-guided bomb
    • GBU-38 inertially-aided munition
    • GBU-58 (250 lb.) Paveway II laser-guided bomb
    • GBU-49 (500 lb.) Enhanced Paveway II GPS/laser-guided bomb
    • GBU-59 (250 lb.) Enhanced Paveway II GPS/laser-guided bomb
    • APKWS 2.75” laser-guided rockets
    • TALON 2.75” laser-guided rockets
    • GATR 2.75” laser-guided rockets
    • AGM-114 Hellfire laser-guided missiles
    • LUU-2 illuminates flares
    • MJU-7/10 flares
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Mission Ready

This mission ready aircraft leverages significant Department of Defense investment in people, platforms and programs to meet Light Attack and Armed Reconnaissance requirements. The AT-6 Wolverine covers a wide-mission spectrum that includes training, manned Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), and light precision attack. Its non-traditional capabilities are ideal for internal defense and civil support missions.

  • CAS/Coin/Irregular Warfare

    Close Air Support, Forward Air Control-Airborne, Armed Reconnaissance, Strike Coordination and Reconnaissance, Airborne Interdiction and Intelligence, Combat Maritime Patrol, and Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR).

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  • Civil Support/Consequence Management

    Disaster Area Imagery, Reconnaissance, and Search and Rescue.

  • Flight Training

    Including Undergraduate Pilot Training, Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals, Joint Terminal Attack Controller training, and collaborative training.

  • Homeland Defense/Security

    Including Low-Speed Intercept, Border and Port Security Operations and Littoral Maritime Patrol.

Communications / Data Interoperability

AT-6 communication suite is tailored to support ground forces.

UHF DAMA Capable Capable Capable
UHF SATCOM Ded Capable Capable Capable
HAVE QUICK II Capable Capable Capable
UHF AM/FM/PSK Capable Capable Capable
LINK-16 N/A Capable w/ Gateway N/A
VHF FM High Capable Capable Capable
VHF FM Low Capable Capable Capable
SINCGARS Capable Capable Capable
VHF AM ATC Ext Capable Capable Capable
Digitally Aided CAS
VMF Capable Capable Capable
FMV Capable Capable Capable

Airframe & Powerplant

The AT-6 Wolverine cockpit is built for today’s warfighter and integrates a digital glass cockpit and HUD, tactical navigation, sensor display, weapons management, and weapons delivery modes.

  • A-10C Lockheed Martin Combat Mission System
  • CMC Glass Cockpit, Flight Management System, and Multi-Function Displays
  • SparrowHawk HUD with integrated navigation and weapons delivery
  • F-16 Hands-On-Throttle-And-Stick (HOTAS)

The Future of Cockpit Design

The AT-6 Wolverine cockpit is built for today’s warfighter, integrating a digital glass cockpit and head-up display, tactical navigation, sensor display, weapons management, and weapons delivery modes.

  • A-10C Lockheed Martin Combat Mission System
  • CMC Glass Cockpit, Flight Management System, and Multi-Function Displays
  • SparrowHawk HUD with integrated navigation and weapons delivery
  • F-16 Hands-On-Throttle-And-Stick (HOTAS)
  • Martin Baker ML16LA zero-altitude/zero-airspeed ejection seat; built to accommodate
  • WAAS/LPV GPS Precision Approach System
  • Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) compatible cockpit and exterior lighting
  • GENTEX Scorpion Helmet-Mounted Cueing System
  • Removable mass media device (RMMD), which allows for synchronized flight planning and synchronized four-ship, 3D playback
  • Integrated moving map, sensor displays and targeting system
  • Robust data links for situational awareness data link (SADL) and link-16 variable messaging format (WMF)

Proven, Comprehensive Training Systems

Using CAE USA as its ground-based training provider for the AT-6 light attack and armed reconnaissance aircraft gives customers the confidence of a modern, thoroughly effective training system for pilots, aircrew and maintenance technicians. The developed suite of training media and synthetic media training equipment includes everything required to take pilots step-by-step from ground school to flying colors in AT-6.

  • Computer-Based Training and Courseware

    Our digital training courseware allows for classroom or online instruction with each lesson building on the previous training. It also tracks each trainee’s progress for real-time evaluation.

  • Desktop Trainer

    The AT-6 desktop trainer performs entry-level training tasks and basic cockpit familiarization. It is equipped with a touch-screen cockpit instrument display, a single-channel LCD for out-of-the-window scenes as well as a joystick, rudder pedals and throttle quadrant. This device runs the same full-fidelity simulation software as high level training devices.

  • Unit Training Device

    A full-fidelity cockpit with functional panels and controls make the AT_6 unit training device ideal for learning basic flight maneuvers and emergency procedures. Whether configured with one or three flat panel displays, its flight controls are loaded actively and the cockpit features real aircraft grips to provide true aircraft feel. Instructors control flight scenarios via a remote instructor operation station.

  • Full-Mission Simulator

    The AT-6 full-mission simulator advances the unit training device with more immersive visual environments surrounding the cockpit. Featuring a large field-of-view dome display or complete 360-dgree dome display, the simulator allows trainees to perform advanced flight maneuvers, formation flying and weapons engagements.

Length 33 ft 4 in (10.16 m)
Height 10 ft 8 in (3.25 m)
Wingspan 34 ft 3 in (10.4 m)
Wing Area 179 sq ft (16.60 sq m)
Engine 1,600 shp (1,177 kW)
Type Turboprop
Maximum Takeoff Weight (MGTOW) 10,000 lb (4,536 kg)
Maximum Landing Weight 10,000 lb (4,536 kg)
Basic Weight 5,890 lb (2,671 kg)
Total Internal Fuel 1,200 lb (544 kg)
Total Fuel w/2 External Tanks 2,054 lb (932 kg)
Total Max. Usable Fuel w/4 Tanks 2,908 lb (1,319 kg)
Total Hardpoints 7
NATO Standard Weapons Stations 6
Usable Weapons Stations when EO/IR Installed 6
# of MIL-STD-1760 Compatible Stations 4
Wing Loading (lb / ft²) Empty
33.0 lb / ft²
Wing Loading (lb / ft²) MGTOW 56.0 lb / ft²
Power Loading (lb / ft²) Empty 3.7 lb / shp
Power Loading (lb / ft²) MGTOW 6.3 lb / shp
Basic Limits .67 Mach (316 KIAS)
Basic Limits w/EO/IR Sensor .67 Mach (316 KIAS)
Basic Limits w/ Weapons .67 Mach (316 KIAS)
Max. Load 4,110 lb (1,864 kg)
Max. Landing Load 4,110 lb (1,864 kg)
Max G w/EO/IR Sensor 6
Max Ferry Range (with four external fuel tanks and MX-15D) 1,563 nm (2,895 km)
Max Ferry Range (with four external fuel tanks) 1,725 nm (3195 km)
GPS Navigation Yes
Flight Management System Yes
Precision GPS Approach (WAAS LPV) Yes
Digital Terrain Elevation Data Yes
No Drop Air to Ground Scoring Yes
Simulated Air Target Yes
Full-Motion Video (FMV) Yes
Datalink Compatability: SADL, Link 16, Variable Yes
Variable Message Format (VMF)
Digital CAS Proven: BAO, Strikelink, TACP, CASS Yes
Real-time off-board FMV Sharing: ROVER, OSVRT Yes
Mission planning/debrief with removable data drive Yes